Hi, I’m Rick. I’m a tattooed gay guy who listens to alternative music, drinks too much coffee and practices witchcraft. This is my personal blog, where I write about my life and things that matter to me, both magical and non-magical. Here you’ll read my random posts about favorite things, people and places, my past, my struggles with anxiety, and get glimpses of my practice. Be warned, I may be a quiet guy, but I’m still opinionated and outspoken. I’ve published a few books and some articles for pagan magazines. Over the years I have presented classes to the local community. At local pagan festivals you may find me offering Tarot, Oracle or Ogham readings, as well as my own hand-made candles, spell bottles and other magical items. When there isn’t a plague on the land, I teach my own tradition to private students. GET VACCINATED. My personal practice blends Celtic Paganism, Druidry and Witchcraft. I’m a devotee of Cerridwen, the Witch/Mother/Goddess of Welsh origin. Click the “Follow” button to get all my posts delivered to your email.