The past week has been wild in every way imaginable. I meant to post earlier in the week, but I had candle orders for 10 pillar candles, and this cold weather leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. It takes me a while to make 1 pillar candle, let alone 10 of them, because I only have two pillar molds and they take at least 8 hours to cool after they’ve been poured. They’re all done now and I’ll be shipping them out later this morning. They are all peppermint candles with some dried mistletoe added, and the scent is still wafting through the house. I even managed to get some peppermint oil in my eye. Not pleasant.

I’m still a bit on edge after the craziness in Washington. Hundreds of Trump Terrorists broke into the Capitol building, and not only did they trash the place, some of them apparently also spread their own feces and urine in the hallways. Such classy people, those Trump supporters. Complete lunatics, all of them. Many of them were wearing t-shirts with racist and anti-Semitic sayings, they are so proud of their hate and bigotry. They murdered a police officer, who died from his injuries after they bashed his head with a fire extinguisher. I’m hoping their Dictator-in-Chief will get his fat orange ass impeached and removed from the White House before his term ends, which is only a few days away. He should be exiled from the country. He’s already been banned from social media for life, now he needs to be banned from the United States. The past four years our government has been a complete and utter disgrace. Also among the terrorists were a group of gays who support Trump. Any gay person who supports Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the gay community. You do not speak for all of us. I hope they all get publicly shamed and have their names dragged through the mud. There is no common ground anymore. Lines have been crossed.

Every Sunday I do tarot and oracle readings to get some insight for the coming week. Last Sunday, some of the themes that appeared in my readings had to do with blood, anger and hatred surrounding a major change. I suspected there would be deaths, and there were five of them.

I have hope that our new president Joe Biden and vice-president Kamala Harris will restore some normality back to America. There’s still alot of crazies out there so who knows what will happen. I have a feeling the Trump psychos are going to try more of their pointless and stupid shenanigans. It will change nothing, and we will not be bullied.

The husband and I finished watching the last season of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and I must say I will miss it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a much darker and gothic version of “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch“. It is not at all like the light-hearted comedy series most people are familiar with. If you have Netflix, you should check it out.

This cold weather has been brutal for me, as it gives me body aches, it makes my car have issues, and causes my anxiety to soar. The day job has been somewhat tolerable, though I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing that kind of work. It is mentally draining. As I wrote in my forthcoming book, “It is difficult to maintain a mystical mindset when you also have to work a full-time job, with it’s own challenges that need your full attention“. Every night this past week I was working on candles, and listening to alternative rock bands. Smashing Pumpkins. Muse. Radiohead. Oasis. The Cranberries. I love them all.

With the measly 600$ we each received from the government because of Covid, I used some of it to order things for myself. A new leather-bound journal. More books. Boxer briefs with skulls on them. New guided meditation CD’s. New business cards to promote this blog.

I may still order some new shirts and music. And, I’ve been contemplating a new tattoo for my right hand, something like this…

I think it would look awesome, as it not only shows my love for Harry Potter, but also my dedication to be my truest, most authentic self. I love the gothic font, and it shouldn’t be too expensive. I still buy and collect Harry Potter things, though I’m a bit more selective these days.

Now that the candles are all finished I can complete the last part of my book, Spells and Scars. I can’t wait to get it out there so people can read it. It is the most personal thing I have ever written. Hopefully it will help others who have experienced the same things.

Sounds gay, I’m in.


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