Good Things, Bad Things

I received the proof copy of my book, and it looks great, just how I imagined it. I did add a few more things to the inside, so I’ve ordered another copy. Once I approve that one, it will be available for sale. As I flipped through the first proof copy, naturally I started obsessing over things that I “should have/could have” done differently, but I’m leaving it alone now. It will be fine. Compared to other pagan authors, I’m rather small-fry. I’m not trying to compete or be famous or the “next big thing”. I write mainly for myself, the way I want to write, and that is all that matters. I have my own style and it works for me. This is my humble offering to the pagan community. Maybe others can learn from my own experiences.

I’m reading three books right now. Actually, one is a journal that you write in, called “The Me Journal“. It asks questions about your life, opinions and beliefs, and you fill in your own answers. There are lots of books like this, but this one is the best I’ve seen so far. I love it. I also started reading The Witch’s Coin by Christopher Penczak. It’s about the witch’s relationship to money and prosperity. I’ve had this book for awhile, and I’ve already read small portions of it, but I decided it was time to dig in and read the whole thing properly. I hesitated so long, because quite honestly, reading about money is not one of my favorite things. I’ve never been good at budgeting or saving money. I am good at spending it. Thankfully, the husband manages our finances and takes care of the bill-paying. We always have extra money for things we want, but I must admit I’ve done alot of emotional spending in the past. There’s nothing wrong with buying things that make us happy, but I’ve learned to be a bit more selective. I know I want to donate more to certain charities and support pagan businesses. I would consider us successful. We both have good jobs, a roof over our heads, food to eat and a purpose in life. We may not have some of the things other people have, but we are doing fine. I also started re-reading another book I’ve had for ages, Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra. This book is about personal transformation, through the eyes of the wizard. It’s quite wonderful. I saw a lecture Deepak presented based on this book, so I had to get it.

I mentioned in my last post how I was still debating whether to offer classes again this year, and that I would be consulting the tarot cards for some insight. Well, they were pretty straight-forward. They answered with a definate NO. There were themes of sacrifice and patience, and even the Tower card came up in the spread. It seemed to indicate some troubling times ahead and that I need to wait awhile longer before offering classes again. I need to focus more on being the student rather than the teacher.

I had looked at a few places that were offering space for classes, and wasn’t really thrilled with any of them. A few other places wanted to charge ridiculously high prices to rent their space. My intuition is telling me this year is not a good time. I considered offering a home-study course as well, but the truth is I did not prepare well for that. My classes are better in person, which just cannot happen at the moment.

I’ve spent much of the weekend listening to this awesome alternative band, Jimmy Eat World. I had them on all day Friday and yesterday I picked up one of their CD’s. And, the lead singer Jim Adkins is, shall we say…Gorgeous. I will be buying up all their music as soon as I can. (There I go with the spending). But they’re worth it. Maybe someday I’ll see them in person.

One of the husband’s favorite bands is American Authors, who are also incredible. I’m running out of space to put all my CD’s, I’m going to need more storage cases. More spending. I know alot of people just download music these days, but I still prefer a CD I can hold in my hand. I like the artwork and photos and reading the liner notes.

In other news, I got my 2nd Moderna shot. I’m vaccinated now. I had no reactions other than a sore arm. Very sore. I was scheduled to get it on Thursday, but we got dumped on with more snow and ice. Work was cancelled and roads were impossible. When I went in to work on Friday, the roads were still pretty bad, so they sent us all back home. I was able to re-schedule my shot for later Friday afternoon. Roads were fairly clear by then and I was able to get in right away. I barely felt the needle go in, but boy, the next day my arm was extremely sore. Since I work in health care I was able to get the vaccine right away. The husband still has not been able to get his first shot. He’s in the ‘high risk’ category so his should be soon. I know locally they’ve been running low on vaccine supply.

At some point today we’re going to Lowes to get a peg board, so I can put some of my Harry Potter ornaments on a nicer display. I have so many of them that I’ve collected over the years, and it would be nice to display them better. Once they’re all up I’ll share a picture. We also have to go pick up our grocery order. We order online and then we drive to the store, where they put them in the back of the car. We don’t even have to get out. Are you supposed to tip them? We could never figure that out.

Speaking of food, I need to eat something now.

Til next time,


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