Cafes, Cookies, Pumpkins and Crystal Balls

This is my Black Obsidian crystal ball. It looks small in this photo, but it’s actually about 6 inches in diameter. Getting a photo without many reflections in the ball was nearly impossible, so this will have to do. When researching information about the magical properties of crystals, there is a lot of conflicting details out there, so I usually read the works of practitioners I respect. I love that Scott Cunningham describes the energy of Black Obsidian as “quiet power”. I can totally identify with that. Nicholas Pearson states that Black Obsidian brings protection while sharpening focus and the powers of the mind. Black Obsidian is wonderful for divination. Some people say you should only use clear quartz crystal balls, but I say hogwash. You can use any kind of crystal ball for divination. I’ve seen beautiful Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystal balls. I use my Black Obsidian crystal ball during the New Moon or Dark-of-the-Moon phases. I mainly use it for personal private divination, never publicly.

Most of the evil snow has melted, and tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, or what many pagans call Ostara. I will do a private ceremony here at home this evening. Every year I make a new wand from an oak branch, and release the previous wand back to the earth. Near where we live there is a park with a waterfall and a rushing stream. I will release it there this weekend. I have many new things to bring to tonight’s ritual. New changes to my classes, new books, new transformations taking place within myself. I will offer all of these to Cerridwen and ask for her guidance and inspiration. I need to order more copies of my latest book, “Spells and Scars” and take them to local bookshops and ask if they will sell them there. Have you ordered your copy yet?

I’m already planning a three-volume series of short books called The Magic Cafe. These will be avant-garde style books, with a buffet of personal anecdotes, poetry, photographs, witchcraft, gay male sexuality, memories and lots of other things. Since Lulu (the publisher) requires a table of contents before they will publish it, I will have to think of some creative way to separate sections into chapters. However, I want these books to be more of a collection, a scrapbook of sorts. I’ve seen these kinds of books before, and I’ve been inspired by them.

The husband and I have been watching the original Dark Shadows every night when we have dinner. It’s become an addiction. Vampires, witches, creepy experiments…love it.

Sometime today I’ll be scheduling my next tattoo. I’m going to the same place where the husband got his, because I liked the level of detail they did. My new one will not be so elaborate. I just want the words I Must Not Tell Lies placed on the back of my right hand. You may recognize this from Harry Potter. The husband asked me why I wanted something that was intended to be a punishment, but for me it means something else. It expresses my desire to be true to myself, to be authentic, to not hide who I am for the benefit of others, to express myself freely.

I recently developed a new appreciation for OREOS. They have so many new flavors now, and I just can’t get enough. Birthday Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut, Red Velvet. And they’re a gay-friendly company, always supportive of the LGBT community. I eat them with almond milk, which by the way, is the only milk I drink anymore. I stopped drinking regular milk months ago.

As much as I love the words Witch and Druid, and still proudly use them, I’ve found it easier to call myself a pagan, as that encapsules everything. I’m not just a witch, not just a druid. Pagan covers it all, so that’s what I’ve been using lately. Also, I have a few new items available on the New Products page. If you’re interested in any of them, contact me for Paypal information.

Now here’s a song that makes me happy, from one of my favorite bands.

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