Tattoos, Books and Self-Care

I finally got another tattoo. This one is on my right hand, and I’ve been wanting this for a long time. It is the words “I Must Not Tell Lies” in a black gothic font. You may recognize this phrase from Harry Potter, which I still love and still means a great deal to me, despite recent comments from the author. It doesn’t mean I have to suddenly turn my back on all things Harry Potter, and anyway, she didn’t make any money off my tattoo. A few people have asked why I didn’t get it in a red font, or make it look more like a scar, and the reason is I didn’t want it to look like that. I didn’t want it to look like it does in the films. I wanted it to be bold and noticeable, and in a gothic style. For me it’s more about what the words represent. In the updated version of Spells and Scars I have added a short poem that explains what I Must Not Tell Lies means to me on a personal level. While I was getting the tattoo, it did sting a bit, but it didn’t take long at all. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what Harry must have felt like when the words began to carve themselves into his hand. I have to keep the Sani-Derm strip on a couple more days, it’s a breatheable strip that protects the tattoo and helps it heal faster.

I’ve been reading a few different books, some are witchcraft studies, and this new series of books that explore the concept art and graphic design of the Potter films. There are 12 in the series, each one exploring a different theme. Each book comes with an art print suitable for framing. Amazon has them fairly cheap, and when they’re all together they look like this.

Photo: Amazon

Remember the Dark Shadows audiobooks I wrote about in an earlier post? Well, I received the first one, only to discover it was an MP3, and it will not play on either of my CD players. Apparently they’re all like that, so I won’t be ordering any more of them. I’m not sure if Amazon will take it back since I’ve already opened it. I don’t have an MP3 player, and anyway it’s on a disc. No big deal. It was only $6.99.

The state of the world continues to be a horror story. Thankfully we have a sane president now who is making positive changes and un-doing some of the damage caused by the orange dictator. I am hoping he is able to pass some stricter gun laws. America has the highest rate of gun violence in the world and other countries are warning their people about coming here. There was a shooting in a town not far from here, some whack job just shooting random people. I think in America it’s about macho ego, Rambo wannabe’s and “does this gun make my dick look bigger”. We need stricter gun control laws, the gun situation in this country is awful. Most of the gun-worshippers were supporters of the orange dictator. I do not and will not associate with Trump supporters. And yes, I was one of thousands of witches casting spells to have him removed from office. Now he’s gone and good riddance. I am grateful that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are working to restore some normality back to our country.

Self-care has become more important than ever. I am doing whatever makes me happy, whatever brings me peace. I read. I listen to music. I watch British comedies and documentaries of European history. I take naps with the dog. I browse the internet. I write. I make candles. I have plenty to do at home. Other than a few hours out on the weekend, I go to work and then come directly back home. I’m avoiding people as much as I can. Right now I need as much solitude as I can get.

Til next time,


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