A Quick Update

I ordered a proof copy of the updated version of Spells and Scars, but I’m told it may be awhile until I actually get a copy, due to all the Covid insanity, limited production, etc. I may not actually get a copy in my hands until the end of the month. You would think with all the people getting vaccinated now, things would be getting somewhat back to normal. Once I verify that all looks good, then I’ll make it available for general purchase. Updating it was the easy part. Navigating the website, uploading the PDF and making sure I clicked all the right buttons and boxes is nerve-wracking as hell.

This past week has been very challenging. My day job has been pushing me to the limit and my anxiety has been through the roof. There are alot of things stressing me out right now. I may need to have my anxiety medication increased. I hadn’t been sleeping well at all, waking up several times during the night. Yesterday after work I was so exhausted and drained, I was in bed by 5:30pm. I didn’t even eat dinner. I slept for 12 hours straight. I keep saying I don’t know how much longer I can continue doing this kind of work. Add to this the stress of driving my car and it’s issues with over-heating and multiple other things wrong with it. Every day I’m surprised it’s still running. I’ve been putting coolant in the radiator to keep the engine temperature down. I need a new vehicle badly.

I’ve been contemplating the idea of writing a fiction novel for young adults, about a family of witches. I’ve been brainstorming lots of ideas, plots, character names and personalities. I don’t think I’ll be writing any more books about the real practice of witchcraft, as if that many people read my other books anyway. I’m just a small-fry, self-published author, and what could I write about witchcraft that hasn’t already been written? I think writing a fiction novel may be the way to go. Spells and Scars is sort of an auto-biography, but I won’t be writing any more of those.

I don’t think I’ll be teaching anytime soon. There are other things in my life I need to address right now. Perhaps at a later time I will offer classes again, but for now I need to be taking classes rather than teaching them.

To keep my sanity, I surround myself with things I love, things that make me happy. Chocolate. Light-hearted British comedies. Audiobooks. My collectibles, of which I have many. Meditation. Our dog who sticks to me like glue and is by my side this very moment. My notebooks and journals. I limit my time on social media, because of all the toxicity and gate-keeping bullshit. Cultural appropriation my ass. I’ll do what I please, thank you.

Thank fucking god tomorrow is Friday. I’ve scheduled some time off in the coming weeks, just for my own peace of mind. The world has gone mad and the less I have to deal with it the better. I’ve become rather cynical these days.

Me on most days.

Til next time,


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