Confessions of a Gay Pagan

The updated version of Spells and Scars is now available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, though oddly difficult to locate on the publisher (Lulu) website. I had it listed for General Access, but somebody screwed up somewhere and listed it as Private. I contacted them and they changed it back to General Access, but it looks like I’ll have to order yet another proof copy before they will release it for sale on Lulu. Do I really want to go through all that hassle? It wasn’t my mistake, it was theirs. Anyway. You can still get it on Amazon for free shipping if you have Prime. It’s only $12.99. I like this new version better with all the things I added.

I keep thinking of all the people I would like to read it, and that maybe I’ll send them a copy, and then I think maybe they’ll hate it and they’ll criticize it to death, and then I’ll regret even writing it in the first place. This is how my mind works. So, I won’t be sending it to anyone. Not that many people read my little self-published books anyway. It’s a creative outlet for me. Click the photo below if you’d like to order a copy for yourself.

I’ve been seeing a huge amount of toxicity on pagan social media lately. There are so many people trying to dictate to others how they can or cannot practice, what they’re “allowed” or “not allowed” to do. They’re claiming that just about everything is a “closed practice” unless you’re <insert adjective or ancestry here>. I will continue to practice how I want, using whatever practices I want. I need no one’s approval or permission. It’s ridiculous the things they are calling a “closed practice” now, meaning “You can’t do this unless you’re…”. It’s all complete nonsense. I’m not Wiccan, but Wicca is not a closed practice. It is not “invitation only”. Tarot reading is not a closed practice. Burning sage is not a closed practice. I’ll tell you what really is a closed practice. Kissing my tarot reading, sage burning ass.

I took Monday off since it’s the husband’s birthday, so this is a three day weekend for both of us. I needed some extended time off desperately. I’ve been rather irritable lately, cynical and exhausted, all of this brought on by anxiety. I was in bed by 8:30pm last night. I don’t mind talking about my anxiety issues. I believe in realness, openness and honesty. We don’t see much of this on social media, especially among pagans. You’re frowned upon if you show any kind of weakness or vulnerability. Too many pagans and witches like to project some spooky-spiritual persona that just isn’t authentic. I won’t do that. I’m a regular guy with regular problems. I just happen to be a pagan and practice witchcraft.

We recently applied for a home loan, and we already have a substantial amount of money put aside, but we decided to sell some of our more rare collectibles to add money to the house fund. Star Wars items mostly. We had quite alot of them, still with their original boxes, and someone from North Carolina is actually driving here to pick them up. There’s no way we could have shipped all of them. They’re all packaged and ready to go. Right now they’re taking up space in the living room.

Now I need to take a shower, have some more coffee, then go pick up our grocery order. They put them in the car for us, we don’t even have to get out.

Buy my book if you feel so inclined, and leave a nice review on Amazon if you like it.

Til next time,


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