Looking Ahead, Looking Back

It’s very hot today, over 90 degrees, as it was yesterday. We were inside most of the day yesterday, so today we did go out for a little while. We went back to an antique store we visit sometimes, it’s a large place, with rows upon rows of interesting things. I took a few pictures that I will post on my Twitter later this evening. We then went to Taco Bell, where they had very poor service. Just while I was waiting for our order, at least three people complained that something was wrong with their orders. Thankfully nothing was wrong with ours. We don’t go to fast food places often, but it seems like the customer service at these places is getting worse.

I’ve decided I’m not going to teach anymore, at least not privately. If I’m asked to do a local class, then I might, but I will not be offering private classes anymore. I’ve already deleted the Blackthorn website. I will continue to do readings for those who want them (see the Services page). I taught Blackthorn Witchcraft for seven years, inspired by my own personal practice. When Covid arrived, I lost all of the locations where I could hold classes. When people began renting spaces again, they were much more than I could afford, or they were just too far away. I was preparing home-study lessons as well, but soon realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. It was incredibly stressful. There are some amazing Witchcraft and Druidry teachers out there now, and I think it’s better that I take classes rather than teach them. Although, some of those classes are a bit pricey as well. I have to be frugal with my choices.

Even though witchcraft and druidry are still part of my practice, I refer to myself as ‘pagan’ now. It’s much simpler than explaining what Druid Witchcraft is, as it’s something not many people seem to have heard of. “Pagan’ sort of covers everything I do and believe in, but if people want to know more then I’ll tell them more. I’m a solitary pagan, and I prefer it that way. I’ve belonged to groups, groves and covens before, and even served as High Priest for some of them, but now I’m happy to just do my own thing, in my own way. I’m not thrilled with some of the local groups anyway. I’ve found them terribly elitist and condescending toward others. Some of the local pagan shop owners are a bit snobby, so I rarely visit them. If I need anything, I make it myself or order it online. It’s just as well, since I’ve become a bit more outspoken and some people don’t like that. These days I have less patience and less tolerance for bullshit.

This month I will turn 57. I look in the mirror and sometimes I think I still look fairly good, and other times I see a fat old man looking back at me. My hands are a bit more wrinkly. My cheeks are a bit fuller. I don’t mind getting older, I just don’t want to look ancient. I want to grow old in a cool, Henry Rollins/Billy Idol sort of way.

Which gives me an excuse to get more tattoos.

Til next time,


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