Yes, I WILL Shove My Gayness Down Your Throat

It’s a stupid comment that bigots and homophobes like to make. “I don’t care if you’re gay, I just don’t want it shoved down my throat”. It is total and complete hypocrisy, especially if the bigot saying it is wearing a wedding ring and has pictures of the wife and kids on their desk at work. Yet, we’re the ones shoving our lifestyle. Bullshit.

First of all, being gay isn’t a “lifestyle”, just like being straight isn’t a lifestyle. That word ‘lifestyle’ implies choice and there’s no choice involved. It’s just what you are. You’re either gay or not gay.

I live as an openly proud gay man. Thankfully I live in a country where I can do that, and not in a country that’s still in the Dark Ages and has barbaric laws. I need no one’s approval or permission. I’m married to another man that I’ve been with almost 20 years. If a straight guy can talk about his family and life at home with the wife and kids, then I can talk about my life with my husband. Same difference. It’s the same thing.

June is Gay Pride Month and it’s also the month of my birthday. I’ve reached an age where I don’t care what anyone thinks about my life. I won’t tolerate puritannicals or fundamentalist Christian freaks. Save your scriptures, because your Bible means nothing to me. I will not stop fighting until the gay community is free from discrimination and has the same rights as everyone else. I will continue to protest and boycott companies that deny services to the LGBT communities. I will continue donating to equal rights groups. I will continue to raise awareness on issues that affect the LGBT community. I will make my voice heard.

After all the years of bigotry and discrimination that has been shoved down our throats, it’s only fair the bigots and homophobes get to deep-throat our Pride for a whole month. Lucky for them, they’ll get to taste my Pride every month of the year, not just in June.

Because Gay Pride is every day of the year.

Til next time,


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