Birthday Divination 2021

Every year on my birthday, I do some divination to get insight into my life during the coming year. My birthday is June 19, which is just before the Summer Solstice. I use a number of divinatory tools, which include The DruidCraft Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle and a set of Ogham staves.

I will share with you what I discovered in my personal reading this year. It should be noted that my own interpretation of these cards is according to my own life and personal circumstances. They may mean something entirely different to you.

I do all of my divinations within the boundary of the magic circle, as part of a formal ritual. Before beginning any ritual, I bring myself into a meditative state, using controlled-breathing exercises, visualization and chanting. I bring each divination tool to my lips and blow upon it three times.

I will first share my insight from the three cards in the center, which are from the DruidCraft Tarot. In my own practice, I shuffle the deck three times, cut it into three piles, and then stack from right to left. Whenever I do personal readings for myself, I usually just pull three cards from the tarot, and one each from the oracle decks. From the DruidCraft Tarot, the three cards I pulled were the Ace of Swords, the Four of Cups, and the Eight of Pentacles. You will notice in the photo above that I have written a few keywords on each card that represent their traditional meanings.

  • Ace of Swords (left): This card indicates finding clarity and success in achieving goals. This informs me that in the coming year, I can see some of my long-term goals coming to pass, and gain a deeper understanding of certain issues that I have been struggling with.
  • Four of Cups (center): This card implies missed opportunities, stagnation and inactivity. In my personal readings, the card in the center of a three-card spread is sometimes dependent on the cards on either side. It implies a potential outcome if action is not taken, or if the wisdom of the other cards is not followed. The image on the card shows a figure gazing down at three cups, one of which has been knocked over. Behind the figure, on a higher level, stands another cup, which the figure is completely unaware of or is willfully ignoring. For me personally, this card is a sort of reprimand. I have not been as disciplined in my practice during the last few months as I typically would be, and unless I return to my regular, disciplined practice I will certainly miss some good opportunities, and will not achieve some of the things I want to do. This card also reminds me that the things I tend to focus on most are not the whole picture. There are other doors of opportunity I am not yet aware of, and perhaps I have brushed aside some things I should have taken more seriously. This card also seems to imply that my attention has been on things that are not as significant as I thought, when there is something greater and better that I have not yet noticed.
  • Eight of Pentacles (right): This card suggests learning, training and progress. In my relationship with the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, I discovered how much she requires that her children be learned and skilled at what they do. This card just re-iterates that. It encourages me to continue my studies in Witchcraft and Celtic Mysticism, and to take advantage of training opportunities when they come my way. She wants me to grow, and learn and become the best I can be.

In the photo above, on the far left, is a card from the Druid Plant Oracle. It displays an image of the Mint plant. I have always loved the mint plant in all it’s varieties, and apparently it will play a large role in my life in the coming year. Some of it’s magical associations are focus, concentration and money. I will start using mint more often in my personal rituals and magical workings.

The card on the far right is from the Druid Animal Oracle, and you will notice that it is the Raven. The raven is associated with darkness, intuition, death, blood and the Irish goddess known as The Morrigan. I can only speculate what this card might mean for me in the next year. I will need to meditate on this more. What I can say is that during the pandemic, I have allowed some of my own darkness to come out and integrate in my personality in a more balanced way. I’ve been more comfortable acknowledging some of my personal issues like my anxiety and other things I struggle with sometimes. I’ve been able to express a truer, more authentic image of myself instead of some sensationalized persona that I see so many on social media doing. I think the Raven has much, more to show me in the coming year.

In the right hand side of the picture, you will see the three ogham staves that I pulled from the little box I keep them in. I aquired my ogham staves from the United Kingdom. Each one is inscribed with a symbol that is associated with a specific tree. Each of my staves were made from a branch of their corresponding tree. There are 20 in all, but I usually only pull three at a time. The three staves I pulled are as follows:

  • APPLE: This stave essentially represents wholeness in spirit, soul and body.
  • BLACKTHORN: Pulling this stave is highly significant for me personally, as the Blackthorn is my primary spirit ally. It represents strength in adversity, and finding light and magic in the darkness. Blackthorn is also the name of the training program I developed for my private students. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to conduct my private classes in quite some time. Perhaps this means I can offer them again soon.
  • ASPEN: This stave is linked to communication and connection. As much as I enjoy being reclusive, I have to be more willing to put myself out there for the benefit of others.

For reference, here is a closer picture of these three staves.

Apple, Blackthorn and Aspen

My birthday divinations this year proved to be well-rounded, with some encouragement and advice coupled with a few warnings and reprimands. All in all, it seemed to center around discipline and mindfulness, both of which I definately need to work on.

Til next time,


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