A Memory

It’s 2019, and it’s our first time at the Folsom Street Fair. We are shoulder to shoulder with literally thousands of half-naked, or completely naked people, all moving in different directions. Many are wearing all manner of fetish gear. I’m feeling over-dressed in my Marines uniform, and these boots are killing my feet. We have to hold on to each other or we’ll get separated. We have plans to meet our friend at The Eagle. As we make our way through the crowd, we see a booth where you can meet your favorite gay porn stars. I recognize a couple of them. Sean Duran. Drew Dixon. I want to meet them, but I’m too nervous and it’s way too crowded here. Next to them is a booth with sex toys for sale, along with dildoes and vibrators of every size, shape and color. We keep moving.

Up ahead there is a stage where about twenty people are playing a game of Naked Twister. “RIGHT HAND ON RED!”, I hear from a loudspeaker, then I watch as a mass of arms, legs, dicks, asses, breasts and testicles all change position. They look like they’re having fun. We’re all consenting adults here. We keep moving.

I look to my left and a naked man is lying on the sidewalk, masturbating. Nothing is taboo at the Folsom Street Fair. Whatever your fetish, you’ll find it here. Bondage and Discipline. Slave and Master. Leather. Rubber. Uniforms. Watersports. Dominance. Submission. Whatever turns you on. We keep walking and I see a man strapped to a post as a dominatrix whips him with a cat-of-nine-tails. A hot bodybuilder has been tied to a telephone pole and he’s inviting passers-by to have their way with him. “Do whatever you want to me”, he says. He’s here to be used for your pleasure. We’re moving slow because there’s so many people here.

Up ahead a crowd has gathered around a couple having sex in the street. I admire their courage. That’s why they’re here, of course. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, nudity.

It’s an adults-only erotic wonderland. Sex however you like it, out in the open for all to see. Throw your inhibitions to the wind.

We talk about how fun it will be when we get our own booth here sometime, where we’ll sell our hand-made erotic-themed quilts, pillows and candles.

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