Over the years I’ve written a few little books that you may or may not like. I don’t expect to get rich from these. Writing is just one of my creative outlets. The latest one, “Spells and Scars: Confessions of a Gay Pagan” is available NOW through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is my very personal story of how meditation, witchcraft and mystical experiences helped me deal with an abusive childhood, and transformed me into the magical being I was meant to be. Many things in this book I’ve never shared with anyone before, but I felt it was time to bring it all out into the light. You will read alot of these things here on this blog, but the book version also contains a few extra goodies not shared here. Perhaps my experiences will help others who have experienced the same things I have.

Though you may find them strange and even bizarre, these are my tales of spells and scars“.

I also have two older books that I wrote back when I used the name Rik Potter. These are also available on Amazon.

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Walking a Magic Path

The Noble Art of Divination: A Journal for Tarot and Oracle Decks