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This Witch Bottle was created in honor of Manannan MacLir, the Celtic sea god. It contains sand, ocean moss, seaweed and sea shells. It is permanently sealed. Place this bottle on your altar to invite the element of Water and the Sea, or to evoke the presence of Manannan MacLir into your rituals. Dimensions are 7.5 x 3. Price: $20.00.
This Protection Spell Bottle is heavy and filled with sand, shards of glass, nails and protective herbs and crystals. Inside this permanently sealed bottle is a handwritten protection spell. The bottle is designed to protect your home from harmful influences. Place this bottle somewhere in your home where it will not be disturbed, or bury it somewhere on your property. Dimensions are 12 x 3. Price: $20.00.

Note: I only have one each of these items. If you would like to purchase one, contact me for Paypal information.