I offer combined tarot and oracle readings, using the DruidCraft Tarot, the Druid Plant Oracle and the Druid Animal Oracle. In my readings, I call upon Celtic and Planetary energies. Tarot/Oracle readings are $25.00.
The Ogham staves are used to divine the wisdom of the trees. Each ogham represents a different tree, each one with it’s own unique message. In my ogham readings, I pull three random staves. What wisdom do they have for you? Ogham readings are $15.00.

Healing the Three Cauldrons

Ancient Celtic lore tells us that the body contains three cauldrons, located in the head, heart and belly. These cauldrons are associated with physical, spiritual and psychic health. My Healing the Three Cauldrons practice is an energy healing technique that involves hands-on healing, meditation, creative visualization, crystals and aromatherapy. All treatments take place within the boundary of a magic circle. Half-hour treatments are $30. Full hour is $50.

For any of these services, use the Contact page to make an appointment. Payment is accepted via Paypal.